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Thanh Luan Co., Ltd.
DAI VIET Shoes Trading Production Co., Ltd.
Huu Thao Sculpture Workshop
Vandong Export - Import Co., Ltd.
H.2.O Co., Ltd.
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Trade show

19/11 - 23/11/2014
Vietnam Exhibition & Fair Center (VEFAC) 148 Giang Vo, HaNoi

4 days: 2014/11/5 - 2014/11/8
Saigon Exhibition & Conference Center(SECC)

4 days: 2014/10/22 - 2014/10/25
Saigon Exhibition & Conference Center(SECC)


The art of lacquerware (nghề sơn mài) as a means of decorating objects was probably introduced from China during the first century CE.