Shrimp chip / cracker
Product information
Origin: Vietnam
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Packing: Pack size: 200g  
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Product Description
Product Code: SH009 for non-spicy
Product Code: SH010S for spicy
A tasty salty snack with a delicious taste from natural shrimp. An unforgettable taste when having with your beer. It’s also relishable when having along with vegetable salad in meal.
There are both non-spicy and spicy tastes (spicy with peppercorn and chilli) 
No saccharine, no preservatives, no artificial color, no artificial flavor 
Chips are all unfried / uncooked. It’s very easy to fry / cook the chips by following the frying & cooking instruction at the back of the packaging printed in English and French
Shelf-life: 2 years
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