Company introduction
Established in 1984 with its headquarters in Nan Hai, Guangdong, Landbond Furniture Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise of contemporary furniture and mattresses, integrating research, design, marketing and services. The products range from the house, office and hotel furniture to swivel chairs, etc. There are more than 4800 staff now in the Landbond group and more than ten wholly-owned or share controlled branches home and abroad.
Over the past 24 years, the Landbond group adhered to the enterprise spirit of self-surmounting, held it as a mission to carry forward house culture in China and to improve life quality of people. Driven by the original design, the Landbond group led the trend of Chinese house furniture consumption, has now won wide recognition among consumers and high approval in the industry as the one of the leading enterprises of Chinese furniture industry; The brand value of the brand has already been planted in the mind of thousands upon thousands consumers, becoming the leading brand in the trade. In recent years, the Landbond’s trademark has been cited the "Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province", and the Landbond products the "Leading Brand Products in Guangdong Province". Landbond group is one of the members of vice president enterprises of Chinese Furniture Association and Guangdong Furniture Association. In past years, the Landbond group and its products was granted numerous awards by the government of China and Guang Dong province such as "Advanced enterprise", "Window enterprises", "Enterprises of 100 tops", "Civilized enterprise" , "Trustworthy Quality enterprise", "The best credit enterprise", " Advanced enterprises of cultural construction 100 tops of China", etc.. The Landbond group was considered as an evergreen tree standing firmly in the individually-run enterprises of China and a successful model of the development of Chinese furniture enterprises.
The Landbond group is generally acknowledged as one of the few enterprises who adhered to original furniture design. "Take design as guide, carry forward house culture of China and lead home furniture consumption trend” is the developmental goal and slogan of the Landbond products that we put forward in early days. Now it has been enhanced to the height of central spirit which helped form the powerful competitiveness of our enterprise. In order to achieve this mission statement, the Landbond group established the design company and absorbed many outstanding domestic designers as well as designers from France, Taiwan, etc. With a team of nearly one hundred remarkable designers and an extensive investment on the research of furniture products and its development, the Landbond group stood a chance to remain a power in the fierce competition.
On the way to pursue exclusive design, the Landbond group at the same time sought the correct direction for the growth of native brand and value chain, trying to build up a value chain of "made in China" with all strength. Facing a reality of highly disperse in Chinese furniture industry and standing on the low-level starting point of it, the Landbond group cast off the lure of "low-tech" and "duplicated" products from the beginning, returned to the consumption origin, decided to pursue the exclusive design, and tried to merge the western modern furniture style and Chinese traditional furniture culture essence. Therefore the distinct features of the time and the profound culture connotation were blended in the Landbond products, which made our products the representatives of "high-quality life" and the guiding trend of people's consumption.
Due to the "advanced exclusive design", "9218 Landbond chair" became remarkable masterpiece which represented the transition from Chinese traditional furniture to modern furniture and created a miracle that the same kinds of furniture products could cover a huge market for a long time;
Due to the "advanced exclusive design", the Landbond products have obtained a lot of domestic and international product design rewards;
Due to the "advanced exclusive design", the Landbond opened up a new epoch of exchanging and communication. The Landbond held many times design seminars, Grand Design Prix, the traveling design exhibitions with the joint effort of some famous media mechanism, trade organizations at all levels. The exclusive design of the Landbond products performed as positive impetus to the innovation of the furniture products of China and the promotion of the communication between the manufacturers.
Company Profile
Company name: Landbond Furniture Group Co., Ltd. 
Address: 3 Pingdixi, Guangfu Rd, Yanbu, Nanhai,Guangdong, China, 528247 
Country/Region: Vietnam 
Job Title:   
Contact person: Ms Sandi Li
Job Title:   
Year of foundation: 2005
Company type: Service, Trading 
Business type: Export, Interior 
Registered capital:   
Yearly revenue:   
Export revenue:   
Primary products: Wood furniture 
Primary markets: Export to more than 80 countries