Company introduction

Welcome to Thanh luan !

Thanh luan was established from a plating workshop of Sony Electronic companies. After 1975, was taking over by Tan Binh Electronic company (Vietronic Tan Binh), we have than 30 years to develop process on plating field.
Our products have a part in to use value about quality and concomitantly increase profits for customers all mostly.
Our customers usually are companies which business activities on electronic, mechanical products, production of spare for motor, motorbike in domestic and over sea.

Specializing in electroplating, Thanh luan incessantly to invest deathly about machines equipments like professional skill staffs. Thanks to,Thanh luan have made steady advances and assert my trade name as the top companies in Viet Nam on electroplating surface treatment of metallic.

Please, having come and feel a diversified aspect of materials by Thanh luan technology

We commit to cooperate longer and having profitable!

Policy of environment

Being a company usually to use chemicals as a main force of raw materials, Thanh luan have a sense about environmental sanitation, industrial cleans and safety at work clearly.

Thanh luan was equipped systems include : ventilation, cleaning surface by suction, inhale, waste water treatment and safety working clothing’s.

On orient development ‘sThanh luan : always have being directed toward to use chemicals material which meet requirements about the RoHS quality standards and environment – friendly products.

We all aimed at better quality for everybody life !

Company Profile
Company name: Thanh Luan Co., Ltd. 
Address: 930 C1, St. C, Cat Lai Industrial Zone, Thanh My Loi Ward, Dist. 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 
Country/Region: Vietnam 
Representative: Mr Tran Tien Tuan
Job Title: General Director 
Contact person: Mr Tran Tien Tran
Job Title: Deputy Director 
Year of foundation: 1999
Employees: From 100 - 500 people 
Company type: Manufacture, Service 
Business type: Export 
Registered capital: From 5 – 10 Million (USD) 
Yearly revenue:   
Export revenue:   
Primary products: Plating products 
Primary markets: Vietnam, US, EU, Japan 
Certificates: RoHS