Cooking oil
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Packing: Available in 0.25-litre bottle, 0.4-litre bottle, 1-litre bottle, 2-litre bottle, 5-litre bottle 
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- Ingredients: soyabean oil, Palm Olein, Canola oil (rapeseed oil), Groundnut oil, ...
- Feature:
* Cholesterol free.
* A mixed vegetable oil refined from soyabean oil, palm olein, rapeseed oil, groundnut oil,...
* Advanced refining process can keep natural vitamin A&E contents available in edible oil: Vitamin A 7,990 IU/kg, Vitamin E 168 IU/kg.
* Cooking oil has strong oil ingredients as edible oil is fried at high temperature. Therefore, this edible oil is suitable for frying foods (maitaining crispness and taste of dishes).
* There are two types of Cooking oil: Normally used Cooking oil with green label and Cooking oil with red label specially used for cold weather.
- Usages: frying, sauces, making cake, vegeterians, etc.

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Cooking oil
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