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- Ingredients: sesame oil, momordica oil fortified with DHA (1.71 mg/g)

- Feature:
+ Cholesterol free.
+ Refined from natural momordica oil and sesame oil.

+ The unique edible oil in Vietnam fortified with DHA, basic ingredient incoporates brain cell and eye retina . Moreover, as DHA dissolved in edible oil, human body can absorb DHA more easily than DHA dissolved in other foods.

+  Sesame oil is premium nutritious oil containing many fatty acids essential for body (scale of 82.9%) especially for developing children and old age person.

+  Mormodica oil contains Beta-Carotene, Lycopen with high content (15.1 times higher than carot and 68 times than tomato). Vitamin A are biological anti-oxydant, best for protecting skin and help skin smoothly and ruddily.

+  Momordica oil can prevent humans from overweight, decreasing cholesterol in blood, vitamin A shortage, malnutrition, dry and opaque eyes, nyctalopic, anaemic, liver inflamation, pre-cancer hurt.

+ This is premium edible oil used for women with child, malnutritious children.

- Usages: blending each oil spoon with warm cooked foods and mixing them together.

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