Smc roving
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Assembled Roving for SMC 
Hengshui Yixing Fiberglass Co.,Ltd,Smc roving product is a high performance roving designed for structural SMC. Where the roving is chopped and mined with the resin to which thickening agent, filling agent and initiating agent have been added. It is treated with a high performance silane-based size and have good compatibility with polyester resin.
It is typically used to produce automotive parts, doors, chairs, bathtubs, and water tanks and sports apparatus.
SMC Roving have 2400tex,4800tex. Fiberglass type have E-glass and C-glass. Have good choppability; good strand integrity, no fuzz and lose fiber; good dispersion; excellent anti-static property; excellent flowability; excellent mechanical property.
Special items can also be done as per customers requirements.
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