Chopped strand mat
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Hengshui Yixing Fiberglass Co.,Ltd

E-GLASS OR C-GLASS Chopped strand mat is made from fiberglass strands chopped to length and bonded together with powder or emulsion binder. Chopped strand mat is used primarily for hand lay-up processes, filament winding and press molding of FRP products. Typical products include bathroom accessories, pipe, building materials, automobiles, furniture and other FRP products.
Product characteristices:
Good wet-out
Easy to form
Very high tensile strength,suitable for filament winding or continuous laminating.
Even Thickness
Good resistance to watering and chemical agents in anti-corrosion applications.
Packing: Each roll should be wound onto a paper tube and then
wrapped up with plastic film, which should be packed in a cardboard
box,the rolls are to be horizontally placed. Rolls can be loaded into a container directly or pallets.

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Chopped strand mat
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