Seagrass handbags(HCP3306)
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Code: HCP3306
Origin: Vietnam
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Product Description

The materials of rattan, bamboo and seagrass are now not only the common material but also is upgraded by elegant models and different combination ways. From things that seem to be very simple, with abundant creation and skillful hands, artisans creat many fashion designs of basket for lady, very inspiring.

The following, we would like to introduce some new kinds of basket belong to the rattan, bamboo and seagrass product rank. They can be useful when going to work, shoping or going picnic which are integral demands of women.

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Bamboo bowl
2.00 USD
Bamboo and rattan winer holder ND0416
Bamboo and rattan book shelf ND2629
Bamboo and rattan book shelf ND0603
Bamboo and rattan napkin holder
Bamboo and rattan napkin holder ND4612
Bamboo and rattan napkin holder
Bamboo and rattan napkin holder ND8918
Bamboo bowl (TLB1043)
Bamboo and rattan stationery basket ND 1013
Bamboo bowl (TLB1141)
Bamboo bowl (TLB1221)
Bamboo bowl (TLB 1040)
Bamboo plate (TLB1061)
Bamboo plate (TLB1115)
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