Company introduction
Huu Thao Sculpture Workshop has been founded and developed by young, passionate, and well-qualified sculptors in Vietnam. Over the years, Huu Thao employees has mastered the art of carving Catholic sculptures skillfully. And all of the people working at Huu Thao Sculpture Workshop never feel satisfied and always learn from the best sculptors in Vietnam and the world. We believe that by listening to clients and learning how to serve better we can be successful in today’s business competitive environment as Vietnam now is the official member of WTO.

All of our works focus on only Catholic topics such as Crucifixion, Saint Giuse, Maria, and crosses with all sizes. Each Huu Thao work must convey the holy meaning of it. It has to express its soul and remind Catholics of Christ sacrifice.

Creating these works requires skill, patience and creativity because all of the works are placed at holy places such as churches, chapels, and family altars. Therefore, Huu Thao sculptor chooses only the most skillful employees to carry out this sacred mission. Also, the quality of wood is guaranteed by quality certifications from the government quality control agencies. To insure that all the works are durable through the time even hundreds of years, we have to process wood in complicated and qualified method. Although achieving these things never seems to be easy, we believe that we can be successful because all of our clients speak for ourselves. We are exporting works to many international clients such as Canada, Australia, South Korea, USA … in order to enhance the development of handicraft product in Vietnam.
Once again, on behalf of all people working at Huu Thao Sculpture Workshop, Huu Thao Sculptor thanks all the clients for supporting us through the time by constantly improving and mastering the art of creating Catholic sculptures to serve better.
Huu Thao Sculptor
Company Profile
Company name: Huu Thao Sculpture Workshop 
Address: 69/ 5K My Hoa 1 Hamlet, Trung Chanh Ward, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 
Country/Region: Vietnam 
Representative: Mr Nguyen Huu Thao
Job Title: The Owner 
Contact person: Mr Nguyen Huu Thao
Job Title: The Owner 
Year of foundation: 2002
Employees: Under 50 people 
Company type: Manufacture, Trading 
Business type: Export, Interior 
Registered capital:   
Yearly revenue:   
Export revenue:   
Primary products: Catholic statue, wood sculpture statue 
Primary markets: Vietnam, US, EU, Asean, Australia, South Korea, Canada, etc.