Jute Yarn
Product information
Origin: Vietnam
Reference price:  
Unit count:   
Supply ability:  
Visited count: 85 
Product Description
- Its use is to serve the shuttle knitting to make the package. The main market is in domestic.
- The product’s quality standard: meeting the textile industry’s requirements. Besides, we also can produce under the customers’ required quality.
- The product takes the advantage of the unique and competitiveness over the competitors
- This product replaces the importing products. The price is flexible and competitive compared with other domestic rials.
- Using the production and technology line imported from China.
- Distribution system: The Group has founded the wide product distribution net in the South with the representative office in Ho Chi Minh City and the product turnover stores. The representative offices in Hanoi and Thai Binh will supply the products and door-to-door service to the customers in the North.
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Jute Yarn
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