Company introduction
Ao Dai has been a companion which presents the traditional and charming beauty of Vietnamese ladies quite for a long time. With the style of being tight to the body and having two graceful and feminine laps of dress, Ao Dai always is a rich source of inspiration for a great number of Vietnamese designers. We can see the image of Ao Dai not only in the field of fashion but also in the artists’ eyes and the poets’ verses. Like other poets and artists who really love Ao Dai, Ngo Nhat Huy also has got a passion for Ao Dai since he was a child. Whenever looking at his mother wearing Ao Dai to parties of festival, he always felt how lovely she was! Being born and grown in the imperial city of Hue, Ngo Nhat Huy was experiencing a lot of hardships, floods, freezing weather when winter came. With such experience, Ngo Nhat Huy dreamed that he would satisfy his own passion for designing and making traditional Ao Dai and put his heart into each of his designs. After passing an exam to College of Art, Huy moved to Saigon for setting up his own business. Since then, Huy swerved to enter Vietnam-Australia Fashion Designing College in order to open a new road for his talent and passion of fashion designing. He naturally loves Ao Dai since he was a child, after finishing a course of fashion designing from Vietnam-Australia Fashion Designing College, Huy has been poebuilding his own brand name of Ngo Nhat Huy Ao Dai, with specializes in designing and making all styles of Ao Dai and wedding dress suitable for all ages. Since then, the brand name of Ngo Nhat Huy has been known by a lot of people through his original fashion designs.

It is the fairy, poetic and charming beauty of the ancient capital that has been absorbed into his soul and made Ngo Nhat Huy create innovative designs with deep and gentle feelings and keeping traditional charm of Vietnamese Ao Dai.

His love to Ao Dai has been shown in each of his designs carrying deep national characters. We hope that Ngo Nhat Huy Ao Dai will make not only the ladies inside Vietnam but the Vietnamese ladies living abroad more beautiful.

125D Hai Ba Trung street, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist. 1, HCM city Vietnam - Tel: 84 8 38232331
Company Profile
Company name: Ngo Nhat Huy Ao Dai store 
Address: 70 Ho Ba Kien street, Ward 15, Dist.10, HCM city, Vietnam 
Country/Region: Vietnam 
Representative: Mr Ngo Quy Huy
Job Title: Director 
Contact person: Mr Ngo Quy Huy
Job Title: Director 
Year of foundation:  
Company type: Manufacture, Service, Trading 
Business type: Interior 
Registered capital:   
Yearly revenue:   
Export revenue:   
Primary products: Ao dai, veston, wedding dress 
Primary markets: Vietnam