Company introduction

Minh Long known throughout Asia and Europe for its high quality porcelain was founded in 1970 by Mr. Ly Ngoc Minh, a man inspired by and devoted to creating exquisite porcelain. Mr. Ly is the third generation in a family of skilled ceramic artisans. His ancestors have passed on to him their knowledge, experience, and ability to create beauty through porcelain. He has devoted himself to all aspects of the porcelain, to the design. His passion for porcelain has led him to dedicatehis life to creating a unique style – that which is recognized today as Minh long.
Minh Long is an independent family owned and operated company. Each piece of Minh Long porcelain is unequaled in craftsmanship and artistry. Its beaty and elegance has long captured the heats and graced the tables of Asians and Europeans alike and will now be offered to Americans.

Company Profile
Company name: Minh Long I Co., Ltd 
Address: 92 Tran Hung Dao St., Dist.1, HCM City, Vietnam 
Country/Region: Vietnam 
Representative: Mr Ly Ngoc Minh
Job Title: Director 
Contact person:   
Job Title:   
Year of foundation: 1970
Company type: Manufacture, Trading 
Business type: Export, Interior 
Registered capital:   
Yearly revenue:   
Export revenue:   
Primary products: Plate, bowl, tea set, cup... made from ceramic and porcelain. 
Primary markets: Vietnam, US, EU, Asians 
Certificates: ISO 9001, Vietnamese High Quality Products,