Temperature Gauges
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Bimetal thermometers

Bimetal strips are used in temperature-measurement technology firstly as „sensors“ for bimetal thermometers and secondly as switching elements in temperature switches. Both processes are used in the Temperature Measurement Technology Division at tecsis.
Remote thermometers

If the places where the measurements are made and where they are displayed are separated from one another then a remote reading thermometer is a solution. Remote distances of up to 10 m are possible with these instruments.
Gas actuated thermometers

Gas pressure thermometers are used for the most demanding requirements of measuring range, response time and accuracy in the mechanical temperature measurement field. These thermometers can also be fitted with long distance pipes up to 100 m long.
V-shaped thermometers

Whenever thermometers are subject to high mechanical loads, machine thermometers are used.

The measurement of pressure and temperature at a single measuring point saves the installer an additional connection piece for the pressure measurement.

In order to put thermometers into positions of high pressure or aggressive media protection tubes are used. The designs vary depending on the material and method of connection.

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EJA440A High Static Gauge Pressure Transmitter
EJA110A Differential Pressure Transmitter
Temperature Gauges
DYF-RB Flowmeter
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