Company introduction

Huu Binh Company is a leading confectionery company in Vietnam. Our products are manufactured on modem equipment line of German with experiences for many years . Products are elected by consumers as "High quality Vietnamese goods" for many consecutive years. To improve product quality. From October 1999, our company has investad in modem equipments and expanded cooperation with scientific research institutes and centers. Our products of commercial confectionery have been developed and manufactured under a special technology to keep its natural and pure taste . .

Huu Binh Green bean cakes specialty of  Hai Duong - Viet Nam.

Products : Green bean cakes, Moon cakes, Jam cakes, Green peas flour, Custard cakes,...

Processed with special technology, green bean cakes are dispersed very rapidly, while ensuring to maintain its thickness and taste. Our company unique tastes available only in Huu Binh Green bean cake have been generated with genuine , pure, fragrant and pleasant odor.

Company Profile
Company name: Huu Binh Cakes Company 
Address: 184 -174 -Tran Hung Dao Street - Hai Duong City - Viet Nam 
Country/Region: Vietnam 
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Year of foundation: 1976
Company type: Manufacture, Trading 
Business type: Interior 
Registered capital:   
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Export revenue:   
Primary products: - Green bean cakes - Moon cakes - Jam cakes - Custard cakes - Green peas flour 
Primary markets: Vietnam