Dragon fruit
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This is a special product of VietNam.
Vietnamese name is Thanh Long, because the plant is a kind of climbing plant look like the green dragon. The fruit with green skin when it is young and turning pink skin when it ripe. There are any green leaves (green bears) around the skin of dragon fruit, it look very beautiful. Scientific name is Hylocereus Undatus. Fruiting season from January to October. The main harvesting season from May to September. The dragon fruit is considered very nutritious and a good healthy fruit because of excellent nutrient levels.
The fruit have many uses:
- Very decorative on fruit platters
- Cooling sensation, particullarly after hot food
- Can be use in drinks, purees or flans
- Served in segments with ice
- Ideal for use with salads
Initially when first eaten, the taste may appear a little bland however the delicate aromatic flavours can be detected particularly when the fruit is fully mature, like most exotic fruits.
The fresh fruit can be kept for 7 days in normal temperature (25oC - 30oC).
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