Pangasius Sausage
Product information
Origin: Vietnam
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Unit count:   
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Packing: IQF 500gr V.P x 20/ctn  
Visited count: 165 
Product Description
Sizes : 60-70gr
Ingredients : pangasius, flour and seasonings
Cooking instruction : Stir fry in little cooking oil at 170-180oC for 5-10 minutes until it turns brown

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Light Yellow Pangasius Fillet
White Pangasius
Panga Topped Potato Mousse
Surimi rolled in salmon topped with shrimp
Shrimp Wrapped In Potato
Pangasius Rolled With Salmon
Breaded Pangasius
Pangasius Sausage
Pangasius Meal
Pangasius Nugget/ Belly Meat Fat On
Pangasius Skin
Pangasius Portion
Pangasius Stripped
Light Skinned Pangasius Fillet
Pangasius Loins
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