Hagou flour
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Ingredient: Rice flour
Inner : Lean meat shrimp, shallots, garlic finely
chopped or grind, add sodium glutamate, salt and sugar - all ere mixed together.
Cover : Add 1/2 litter of water to the powder and stir it finely.(Leave 3 table spoons of powder for outer-covering) - cook it with dim fire and stir until the power become somewhat thick (some are well done).
Add 2 spoons of cooking oil into the powder, rolling and stuffing it until become fine. Then piece it into small balls and put them on tray. (Remember to sprinkle dry-powder onto the tray in advance). Cover them with wet cloth to keep the balls free from fried.
Sprinkle dry powder onto a chop before laminating the balls, put the inner in, fold up and vrap it. Wet the autoclave with cooking oil then put the cake in, and cook within 5 to 7 minutes, when the pies arewell done and prepared to serve.

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Hagou flour
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