EuroMars door
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Product Description
Kien Tuan’s complex doors are manufactured with the production line of advanced technology of Europe, guaranteed by the industry - standard technology and specified at Vietnam Standards, Metrology and Quality.

1/ Design - Color: The complex doors are produced on the modern technology to create the durable block and pressed firmly to the diversity in design which is consistent with the design trend of modern style. With plenty of colors demonstrate the elegance and close to nature.

2/ Dimension:

- Standard: 2000 x 800 x 40mm.

- The size can be changed in accordant with the requirements of particular project and the desire of the customers.

3/ Weight: 30 kg/door.

4/ Structure:

a/ The board of the door: is made of high-quality monolithic natural wood, the appeal process to ensure drying of solid, limited-hygroscopic, anti-warping, anti-termite.

b/ Side wall doors: Front door wall is made by special materials with the complex technology fiberglass mesh 5-layers combined with the high stability and shininess, flat, durable and fire resistant. The heat endurance is over 1,000 C-degree without warping and distortion.

c/ Surface: the surface of the door is produced by synthetic polymers and materials on the vacuum hot pressing, high adhesive, water resistant, multi-color and suitable with modern interior trend.

5/ Frame: made by resistant force plastic and the size is consistent with the thickness of the wall. Specially, the EuroMars door is coated by aluminium alloy, anti-scratched and undeformed.

6/ Application: Use in all households. With its function is fire isolated and sound insulated, the product is used in purposes such as emergency exit, offices, etc. in the apartments, office buildings, hotels, motels, karaoke rooms and so on.
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EuroMars door
EuroMars door
EuroMars door
EuroMars door
Nami door
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