Biodiesel resin BC800
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Product Name:BC800
Appearance :Black / Dark brown spherical beads
Polymer Matrix Structure :Styrene - DVB
Type:Gel strong acid
Functional Group :R—(SO3)-M+
Ionic Form :H+
Moisture Content % 3
Capacity in Volume mmol/ml 1.8
Shipping Weight g/ml 0.78– 0.83
Density g/ml 1.17– 1.22
Whole Bead Rate % 99
SwellingNaH)% 10
Application: This dried resin can bind and retain unwanted cation salts, un-reacted catalyst, soaps, glycerin and water. It is a very effective tool to complete a final polishing of biodiesel. Removal of cation salts and water from other organic systems as well.
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Biodiesel resin BC800
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