Turmeric Dried Slices
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Character of product has yellow tumeric and specification

Moisture: 13% Max

Admixture: 3% Maximum

Packing: 25 kg or 45kg/ PP + PE per bag.

Quantity: 14 MT/ 20 FCL.

Scientific name of tumeric is Curcuma Longa L. Origin from Zingiberacae (ginger group), It has another name is ginger with the curcumin. It  include  the the curcumin 1, 2, 3, along with the essential oil (3 – 5 %). It made light yellow colour, aromatic spices with Pharmaceutical value as:

It has exite the excretion of cell liver, throught bile by contract the gall- bladder.

Increase the faculty of detoxicate liver and decrease the Urobilin in urine.

The particularity of essential oil of tumeric is deodorize the bad smelling, and the Anti- inflammatory of Tumeric is effect, protect the Mucous membrane, mouth, tongue,and stomach…, thus, reduce allergy
The effect of tumeric is antibacterian, anti- gungi, reduce cholesterol.

Tumeric could anti- inflammatipon. It  has inhibit power COX-2, the enzyme has play important main in process development of some cancer and chronic diseases.

Tumeric is medical properties as colitis, Crohn.

Anti-agglomerate glomerule

Turmeric has been prove anti-agglomerate glomerule – this factor causes coronary thrombosis. However, in order to promote this effect, it must combine with piperine (a part in pepercorn).

Tumeric is use to  Anti – Oxydant.

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Turmeric dried Slices
Turmeric Dried Slices
Tumeric powder
Tumeric fresh
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