Turrmeric with honey mix
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People formerly mixed Honey with Turmeric Powder to drink for treating Gastritis Ulcer ( Stomachache) effectively.
Viethoney -Turmeric with Honey Mix used best Marterials to make the best product. We used 100% pure Wild Honey and Turmeric powder. We used without any addtives as flavours for producing.
Besides Honey and Turmeric, there was 2% Royal Jelly added to impove cure effectively. All materials we used are EU and U.S standard.
Quite different from available product in the market. Viethoney-Turmeric with Honey Mix has soft tablet while you can keep long without Mould and Black. Soft tablet will help digestion more easily.
* Turmeric Powder: 60%
* Pure Wild Honey: 38%
* Royal Jelly: 2%
* To cure Gastritis Ulcer (Stomachache) effectively.
* To lower Blood sugar in Diabetic.
* Supplyment Vitamin A and Tonic for anemic people and Women after childbirth.
Direction For use:
* Take tablets or dissolve in warn water with honey of viethoney.
* Adult: Take 8 tablets a time and 3 times a day.
* Children: Take 4 tablets a time and 3 times a day.
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