stainless steel round bar(
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Product Description

(Chinese steel manufacturer)HaijunSteel(haijungroup AT haijunsteel DOT com) manufacture/supply/offer/export stainless steel round bar, stainless steel bar, hot rolled stainless steel bars, steel bar, stainless steel round bar, cold rolled stainless steel bar

HaijunSteel bar factory has a production line, spiral plate production line, can produce the national standard, Japanese standard, British standard 12-40mm and with ribbed steel bar 16-50mm of the 120 million tons, and production of high-intensity three threads steel.

1. Product line: Stainless Steel Round Bar

2. Material standard:
   201/202/301(1Cr17Ni7)/302(1Cr18Ni9)/303(Y1Cr18Ni9)/304 (0Cr18Ni9)/304L (00Cr19Ni9)/310   (1Cr25Ni20)/321(1Cr18Ni9Ti)/316(0Cr17Ni12Mo2)/316L (00Cr17Ni12Mo2)/410(1Cr13)/420(2Cr13)/430(1Cr17)

3. Product Specification: 2mm=300mm (customizable non-standard specification)

4. Implementation Standard:
   GB1220/GB4237, JIS, AISI /ASTM, DIN17440/17007/17224/17007

5. Surface Process: 2mm-150mm (Production flow: cold drawing and surface light)
                    160mm-300mm (Production Flow: hot forging and surface light)

Remark: We can make processing production according to customers' dimensional requirements.

Contact:Miss Doris
Contact by: haijungroup AT haijunsteel DOT com

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