Induction Hardening Machine Tool
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Product Description

 1.Production Name: Induction Hardening Machine Tool

2.Production Description:
1) Medium Frequency Induction Hardening Machine Tool
2) Digital control system
3) Used for heating,tempering,queching,annealing 
4) Straight Line Navigation
5) Ball-screw
3.Usage: Horizontal Hardening Machine Tool use in long axles or specially required workpiece hardening assistance, Vertical Quenching Machine Tool use in axle and gear quenching assistance, the equipment can realize workpiece autorotation and up and down movement.
4. Package: Plywood cases and nude
5. Induction Quenching Equipment Technology Specifications:
Item Part Name Introduction
1 Digital control system Use 8-bit microprocessor in control circuit, large customized integrated circuit chip set, multi-layer circuit board. Use 192*64 lattice liquid crystal display for displayer. The whole system craft use tables stick components, more compact, reduce equipment size, and improves system reliability.
On control panel, integrate CNC operate board and machine tool operate board together, simple machine connection.
Screen menu operate, intuitive interface, operate system is more streamlined and clear.
2 Straight Line Navigation Heavy duty MSA series linear guides produced by Taiwan Yintai Company, especially suitable for high heavy loads motion mode.
3 Ball-screw Up and down movement transmission of Machine Tool use ball-screw transmission, compared with common lead screw, it has high accuracy and durability, our lead screw use double nut flange type, inner-cycling. Lead screw model 4010.
4 Tempering Pool Made by stainless steel, anticorrosive when using, is much more durable.
6. Trade Terms:
1)Min. Order: 1 set
2) Delivery Time:45 days
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